JNJ Ordering: Start to Finish

JNJ Ordering Process

Contact JNJ

The Apparel Chair contacts JNJ with their design idea.

Get Started

Design Creation

JNJ's artists hand draw the design and JNJ gets any required approvals through Greek and Collegiate licensing entities.

Place Orders

The product is made available for purchase on our site (recommended) or the Apparel Chair can collect and submit the chapter's orders.


Once a product's order deadline is reached, the order closes and JNJ begins production. Production time for apparel is 10 business days after the order closes.

Order Ships

Apparel Chairs are notified and provided UPS tracking when their group's orders ship out. They're also notified when their orders have been delivered to their address.


The Apparel Chair receives the entire chapter's orders in bulk along with printed packing lists. Each order is individually bagged and tagged with the member's name and order info.