Terms & Conditions of Sale

JNJ Apparel Terms and Conditions of Sale

By clicking I Agree, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale ("Terms") set forth below.

  1. ALL SALES FINAL. Once the customer agrees to these Terms and clicks "Submit My Order", the order can't be canceled.
  2. RETURN and REFUND POLICY. All JNJ products are custom made. Requests for refunds and returns will only be accommodated where the wrong item is received, or the customer receives an item with a manufacturing defect. Once JNJ received confirmation that your custom order has been delivered to your apparel chair, you have 14 days to notify JNJ that you have received the wrong item or that a manufacturing or printing defect is present. Once JNJ has verified that the wrong item was shipped or that a manufacturing or printing defect is present, JNJ will at their discretion allow the item to be returned and exchanged for an item of equivalent value or allow the item to be returned for a full refund. Should a group order fail to meet the minimum of 50 pieces required for production, JNJ will cancel and refund the individual orders for the design. JNJ retains full ownership of artwork produced for canceled orders.
  3. SHORTAGES. JNJ Apparel will notify apparel chairs in advance of shipment if items have been withheld from the bulk delivery due to manufacturing defects or shortages, and will reprint and replace these items or refund them where reprinting is not possible. Nonetheless, it is the apparel chair's responsibility to check the contents of every delivery against the packing list provided and notify JNJ of any shortages in writing prior to distributing the contents of the order. Apparel chairs who pick-up their orders from our warehouse must verify the contents of their orders with the help of a JNJ employee and report any shortages before leaving the premises. Missing items cannot be reported in any other way or by any person other than the apparel chair. JNJ is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen after delivery.
  4. DELIVERY. All orders for each design will be received in bulk by the apparel chairman for your greek chapter or by the representative for your event or group. Delivery takes approximately two weeks after the order deadline posted on a product's page.
  5. ORDER ADD-ONS. Once the posted deadline for a design has passed, JNJ cannot accommodate requests to add-on individual orders. Apparel chairs may request a re-order for a design, but the group must be able to meet the minimum number of 48 orders required for the re-order to be produced.
  6. JNJ ARTWORK OWNERSHIP. JNJ apparel retains full ownership of all artwork created by JNJ. You may not copy, post, or transfer artwork created by JNJ without JNJ's written permission. You may not share JNJ's artwork with another company. Should you do so, you may be required to reimburse JNJ apparel for the full cost of the order. This includes any artwork in the Design Gallery or appearing elsewhere on the site, any artwork created by JNJ in anticipation of a custom apparel order for you or for another customer, whether or not that order is produced.
  7. GARMENT DYED APPAREL DISCLAIMER. Please be aware of the following tendencies of garment-dyed apparel, for which JNJ apparel is not responsible. Please keep these tendencies in mind when washing and wearing garment dyed apparel. The dye from Comfort Colors and other garment-dyed apparel may bleed or transfer onto other items. It is recommended that you wash garment-dyed items separately before wearing, and be careful to wash with like colors thereafter. The dye from Comfort Colors and other garment-dyed apparel may also migrate onto the shirt imprint ink itself. JNJ takes all reasonable steps to counteract dye migration, however dye migration is inherent with garment-dyed apparel, particularly where reds or dark shirt colors are printed with light colored ink. Garment shade and color-fastness variations are inherent in the garment-dyeing process.
  8. LICENSING. JNJ will maintain the appropriate Collegiate and Greek licenses to produce Collegiate and Greek branded apparel, and complies with all design approval requirements and royalty programs enforced by those licensing entities.
  9. JNJ RIGHT TO CANCEL. JNJ reserves the right to cancel and refund orders placed on www.jnjapparel.net at any time, at JNJ's discretion, without prior notice to the customer.